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Organizing pictures in a super duper awesome way.

I love pictures.  I love to take them, and I especially love to look at them a few years down the road and sentimentally bask in the nostalgia.

How in the heck are you supposed to manage the the gigantic number of pictures that are digital lives produce?

Do it well, you can find a picture of a particular person, or event, or memorable trip at a moment’s notice.

Don’t do anything, and you’ll continue to never do anything just from the sheer overwhelming-ness of it all.

  1. Take pictures on your phone or camera (or both).
  2. Create a general folder in your C: drive (i.e. “Family Pictures”).
  3. Create a shortcut to this folder on your desktop .
  4. Download pictures from your devices to the “Family Pictures” folder.
  5. Create month/year folders inside the “Family Pictures” folder. “June 2017, July 2017”
  6. Drag photos by the date taken into the appropriate folders.  Organize months into years as your picture collection grows.  Store videos in a folder of their own.

To name your pictures, use the following guidelines:

  • Name every person in the picture (mom, dad, children, grandpa, grandma, teachers, etc.)  This is great because when you want to fill that grandma frame for Christmas, all you have to do is search for ‘grandma’ and every picture with her in it appears!
  • Name where you’re at and use an abbreviation.  When we went to vacation in Florida, I named all pictures taken at Universal Studios with an abbreviation of Universal and details pertinent to the picture: “Uni mom on roller coaster”, “Uni Asher meets Spiderman” “Uni dad is a Hogwarts dork”.  Again, when I want to find pictures from a certain trip or a particular place (is there somewhere you go to take Christmas pictures every year and want to do a cute comparison of your kids growing up?) just search and they all pop-up!
  • Point out anything of interest in the picture.  Special clothes, funny expressions, milestones, anything that can help me find this picture in the future gets named.

Each and every month:

  1. Download all of your pictures from all of your devices on the 1st of the month.
  2. Edit and delete as you see fit.
  3. Name.
  4. Got behind on month?  Do two months next month…and don’t let it happen again.



Don’t ever create a folder on your desktop (always on a drive and then create a shortcut to your desktop) because the folder on your desktop isn’t backed-up when you update your operating system (personal experience).

This system of organizing pictures works super duper awesome for me and this random tidbit is responsible for many nostalgic sessions with my family and awesome comparison photo collages.


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