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Using rubbing alcohol and iodized salt gets out virtually any stain.

A bright magenta ink cartridge once exploded.  All over.  On the carpet.  On my MOM’S beige carpet.

Panic ensues along with extensive Google searching for how to get an ink stain out of carpet.  I try everything.  Then I stumble across this advice.

  • Use rubbing alcohol to douse the stain.
  • Cover it up with iodized (table) salt.
  • Let it dry for an hour (the salt will soak up the alcohol and stain).
  • Vacuum.
  • Amazing.

Okay, so it literally took probably 10 applications of the above to work.  And a couple of overnight soaks.  But it’s nearly, completely gone.  At least enough that I won’t feel bad EVERY TIME I step foot in my mom’s family room…

I’m currently trying it on a coffee stain left by my husband.  Well, he claims it was the baby.  I claim responsibility lies with the person who left the coffee in baby’s reach.

It also worked on year-old ballpoint pen ink stain on my office carpet from when my daughter broke a pen open.  I worked forever initially to get that stain up and gave up with a sigh and “Someday we’ll get new carpet in here.”  But then the alcohol/salt magic happened.

You’re welcome for this clever tidbit of how using rubbing alcohol and iodized salt gets out virtually any stain.


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