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The Best Way to Make Cookies

The best way to make cookies is to make a huge batch.  I have a recipe for some awesome chocolate chip cookies that turns out, like, 5 dozen cookies.

However, DO NOT bake them all!

Bake 2 dozen.  Eat some warm, share some with friends, have some for breakfast the next day.

The rest of the dough?  Roll it into little cookie dough balls and put 10-12 balls in separate freezer bags, label them, and freeze them. (Also add them to your freezer list so you don’t forget about said cookies).

Have someone coming over and don’t have time to whip anything up?  Take out a package of frozen, pre-rolled cookie dough balls, plop them on a cookie sheet, bake them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and wa-lah! Homemade cookies!

Going to a party and forgot to buy anything from the store to bring?  Follow the directions above and wa-lah! Homemade cookies!

Other things that freeze well…muffins that have already been baked. Blueberry muffins are almost better once they’ve been frozen and thawed because they are super duper moist. And then you also don’t have to worry about accidentally eating a moldy muffin when you’re trying to finish off that batch of 24 muffins that’s nearing two weeks old…

And that’s the best way to make cookies! (And muffins).



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