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The Magic Wand for a Plugged Duct

One of the most painful phrases to breastfeeding moms anywhere is: “plugged duct”. is one of the best resources out there for breastfeeding information.  All of the suggestions on that site for a plugged duct are great:

  • Hot compress, hot shower
  • Nursing, nursing, nursing
  • Massage
  • Limiting saturated fat in your diet

However, I stumbled across this suggestion in a random forum and it is GOLD! It’s better than gold, it’s like a magic wand!

To clear a plugged duct, use your personal massager *cough* VIBRATOR (aka Magic Wand) to massage that plug right out!  Nothing works so well!  Turn it on and massage from the base of your breast to your nipple, all over your breast, but especially focused on the pain.

It will hurt like HELL, but I’ll tell you, it works! I vibrated that plug for a good 30 minutes of under-my-breath cursing (since I was in bed next to my sleeping baby), and at the next nursing session, I could literally FEEL the plug releasing and making it’s way out of my nipple.

It’s what I imagine passing a kidney stone must feel like.  Painful pleasure – it hurts so much, but the relief is amazing!

I’ve breastfed three babies over the last 7 years and I’ve suffered through two bouts of mastitis, several plugged ducts, and a horrible case of thrush.  So I know how valuable information can be to help remedy these painful conditions!

Another bit I’d like to add: If you feel ANY pain with nursing at all, give it immediate attention.  Don’t wait thinking, “Well, my baby has teeth now and bit me and that’s probably why my nipple is hurting.”  Give it a look and see if there’s a white pimplish-looking thing on your nipple (sign of a plugged duct).

Or, if there’s any pain in your breast, start the plugged duct regimen immediately – massage, nurse, etc. and start taking raw garlic right away to combat any possible mastitis that can occur from having a plugged duct.

ANY breast pain should be dealt with immediately. No joke.

And that’s how to clear a plugged duct with a Magic Wand!



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